Cretelakes is a lovely 5 lake place set in 130 acres. The lakes Look after your everyday and meals needs. They’ll help you find the Are around five bailiffs in Cretelakes and they’ll be to cook the all Best areas within your preferred pegs and be available to provide advice on tactics Are former pits dug around the 1970s and this time they have been stocked with carp and other course fish.
Onsite facilities in Cretelakes are excellent with a completely equipped kitchen, a large seating area with sky TV, a store stocking those vital items including a huge stock of bait, and a shower block home 3 showers and 3 toilets. The showers are available 24 hours a day and may be used at your own convenience. A toilet block is situated between lakes 3 and 4, there’s a toilet in the clubhouse.
Place was left undisturbed to flourish and mature with its tree lined banks and stocks of fish for 3 years, we procured the lakes and set about developing a carp fishing holiday complex which would be among the very best in France . Following six months of tree removal and other obstacles 60 swims were made including 9 doubles over the 5 lakes. As the years passed the lakes were stocked with fast growing French carp including many 40lb+ fish and at present Cretelakes can boast some of the heaviest stocked lakes in France with literally hundreds of carp over 40lb and 50lb, many 60s and the largest residents over 70lb which are still growing year on year, Lake 5 alone holds over six hundred 30lb+ Carp so with stocking level of the calibre Cretelakes is a firm favourite amongst anglers.


The lake of Morliere is at the heart of the Perche region, one of the most natural regions of France, on the border of Normandy. On an enclosed and completely private estate, this beautiful and atypical 6 acre lake includes two islands in its center. Three years ago, the lake was expanded, regrooved and stocked. The bottom now reaches up to 4 meters in some places and a small gravel path traversing follows the perimeter of the lake preventing mud emergence. We designed 3 double main fishing swims that allow you to explore the areas around the islands. Parking down the field quickly provides access to the lake. It allows to easily install the bivvy and materials thanks to Carp Fishing barrows.

The lake being fairly new, stocking included only fish between 22 and 44 lbs at the time of its creation, all from Bigot fishfarm. Health guaranteed!!
Here, the record catch is 66 lbs and the catches average is around 30 lbs!! Few lakes provide this average! This Runs water is populated with carp mirror, common carp, koi, Amours blancs and sturgeon up to 50lbs. (no catfish).

Install your bivvy anywhere you want around your swim thanks to the ubiquitous lawn all around the lake. And days of heavy rain you will find a small shelter.
We put at your disposal toilets, sinks and shower with hot water supply. Electrical installations are to be expected for the season 2016. In the meantime, the owner gives you the opportunity to recharge your equipment on request.

Common – 88 lbs

Name of fisherman: David Aldana 
Origin of the fisherman: Spanish

Type of carp: Common carp

Weight of carp: 88 lbs
Length of carp: NC

November 2015

  • country: Spain
  • place: Mequinenza lake

Common-lake of Der-97lbs

Name of fisherman: Not indicated 
Origin of the fisherman: Dutch

Type of carp: Common carp

Weight of carp: 44 kilos –  97lbs
Length of carp: NC

Date of take: mid October 2015

Esche & priming used: NC

Anecdote: The lake of Der houses a magnificent Common carp known as Moby Dick . This common carp of 44 kilos was, until then, unknown!

Geolocalistation & satellite view of the lake:

  • country: la France
  • place: Lake of the Der-Chantecoq


Name of fisherman: Richard Destremont

Origin of the fisherman: French from Haute-Normandie

Type of carp: Carpe Mirror surnamed Fury

Weight of carp: 35.5 kg -79lbs


Date of capture: Captured in August 2015

Esche & priming used:

  • Priming: Squid & Cranberry with hemp
  • Esche: pop pup signature Sticky baits 16 mm pink hook size 6

Anecdote: NC

Place of take:

Common-RainbowLake-84 lbs

Name of fisherman: Nils Oetjen 

Origin of the fisherman: German

Type of carp: Common carp nicknamed ScarFace
Weight of carp: 39.7 Kgs (84 pounds and 8 ounces)

Date of take: December 9, 2016 at 11:50 am

Anecdote: Captured at swims 14

Superb video:

Common – Romania – 76 lbs

Name of fisherman: Cristi Olaru
Origin of fisherman: Romanian

Type of carp: Carp common nicknamed Dynamite
Weight of carp: 76 lbs 4 oz
Length of carp: NC

Date taken: week of April 23 to April 27

Materials, priming & esche used: Bouillons Dynamite Baits Complex-T / Source

Anecdote: Romania’s previous record is nearly 16 years old; Tim Paisley had captured a common carp of 34.5 kg (76 lbs) at Raduta Lake in 2001.

Place of take:

  • Country: Romania
  • Private lake – Monster Carp Located in Siclau in Romania