Blavet Valley

Blavet Valley Carp Fishing Lakes in Brittany is a 24 acre woodland paradise place deep in Brittany’s famous Blavet Valley – the idyllic setting for a amazing carp fishing holiday in France.


Blavet Valley Lakes is a family run business owned by Gordon and Berny Dawson. Our Carp Fishing seasons here are extremely successful and many Carp anglers can not wait to return for another session. We hope we’ll see you sometime later on. We want to thank everybody for their support and good wishes and hope to see you all again in 2018 in our carp fishing lake in Brittany, France.


The Carp Fishing Lake at BrittanyOur 8 acre carp fishing lake inOur 8 acre carp fishing lake in Brittany was originally excavated for sand and gravel in the early 1960s to a thickness of 6 – 12 feet with varying shapes i.e. gravel bars and regions of sand and silt with no weed, also no Poisson Chat or Cray Fish. There are loads of overhanging foliage and trees which produce excellent perimeter fishing.

There are 14 swims (including 3 dual swims) with a maximum of 8 anglers (we can accommodate larger parties if needed). To make life easier you can drive and park your car near your swim in the carp lake


The Carp fishing lake was initially stocked as an all round fishery and we all know that included quite a couple of carp over 15 decades back. Since then we’ve introduced a additional 172 high quality Carp – mirrors to 53lbs and commons to 38lbs, this being our inventory from our past Carp fishing lake in Brittany. We have added a additional 100 carp into the lake. In February 2007 we included a additional 18 Carp: 1x Mirror Carp 50+pounds, 5x Mirror Carp 40-48lbs, 1x Common Carp 41lbs, 12 Mirror Carp 30+pounds.


Rotier Lakes

This domain comprises 3 lakes, 2 of which are especially adapted for carp fishing. “Road Lake” is one of 15 acres, it contains fish near 40lbs and several of around 25lbs. The record for this lake is 52lbs but the competition is just starting ; you have everything to play for. You’ll also find catfish in this lake, some attaining a weight of 140lbs! Guaranteed action! The latest stocking of the lake was in winter 2016 and consisted of 17 carp totalling 440lbs, two of which were 35lbs.

“Forest Lake” is a 10 acres one with an equally intriguing carp stock. The average weight of them is around 20lbs but many have attained more than 40lbs. You’ll also be amazed by many amazing sturgeon. Finally, “Charnille Lake”, of 4 acres, is stocked with bass.

All of the fish are really healthy and will give you the maximum Terrific fight. Rotièr’s Lakes is a domain really devoted to fishing, made by its proprietor, a fish-farmer to exchange.

More than a Lodge; you’ll rent a property of 150 Acres that’s partially enclosed to permit free movement of wild animals.

A 10 person, Comfy fishing lodge is available. There are 4 large bedrooms, each equipped with a hifi player. For truly enjoyable family moments, there is a huge living room with open-plan kitchen, also equipped with TV and hifi player. A bath, separate shower-room and two WCs (separate) finish the outfit. The lodge is a real leisure/sports center for the household; private tennis court (equipment supplied), heated swimming pool with wave machine! A lovely terrace, equipped with top-of-the range-Weber barbecue and heated parasol makes it possible for a lake view, regardless of the weather.

For large Groups (20 maximum), there’s a second lodge (10 person too) available with The very same facilities as the first.

Les Burons

When you have been on the lookout for a gorgeous, tranquil setting for your fishing vacation in France, then you need look no farther.
Les Burons, set in nine acres of magnificent French countryside, is among the best places in France to fish for carp.
Blissfully quiet and breathtakingly beautiful surroundings make Les Burons a amazing place to spend your vacation carp fishing in France.
Our fully-equipped mobile home is located close to the main house, but is split for your privacy with a conifer hedge. The lakeside location offers a view of the lake and woodlandhome to our menagerie of geese and ducks.
The mobil-hone has a lounge/dining area, one large bedroom with double bed, a smaller, (two-singles) bedroom and bath with bath and shower.
The galley-style kitchen has a full stove and fridge with little ice-box. Cutlery, crockery and cooking utensils is supplied, but we ask you to bring your own linen and tea towels.
Outside is a furnished, private patio area
The lake is well-stocked with unbelievable carp around 50 pounds, pike, perch, roach, tench and sturgeon, catfish. This season sees the addition of new carp, who, if captured, may help a few of our regulars!
We can see carp fishing in France reaching new levels in 2016!
Get the most out of our comfy hard bivvi’s, carefully positioned around the lake. Exclusivity for you and your fishing party at Les Burons, as we take one reservation at a time for a maximum of up to six individuals or a total of twelve rods.
Located in the beautiful French countryside, Les Burons provides a tranquil, relaxing area to enjoy carp fishing, while watching a calm world go by. Whatever the weather, we’ve made sure that it doesn’t matter, with dry bivvies to store your stuff.

Common – 88 lbs

Name of fisherman: David Aldana 
Origin of the fisherman: Spanish

Type of carp: Common carp

Weight of carp: 88 lbs
Length of carp: NC

November 2015

  • country: Spain
  • place: Mequinenza lake

Common-lake of Der-97lbs

Name of fisherman: Not indicated 
Origin of the fisherman: Dutch

Type of carp: Common carp

Weight of carp: 44 kilos –  97lbs
Length of carp: NC

Date of take: mid October 2015

Esche & priming used: NC

Anecdote: The lake of Der houses a magnificent Common carp known as Moby Dick . This common carp of 44 kilos was, until then, unknown!

Geolocalistation & satellite view of the lake:

  • country: la France
  • place: Lake of the Der-Chantecoq


Name of fisherman: Richard Destremont

Origin of the fisherman: French from Haute-Normandie

Type of carp: Carpe Mirror surnamed Fury

Weight of carp: 35.5 kg -79lbs


Date of capture: Captured in August 2015

Esche & priming used:

  • Priming: Squid & Cranberry with hemp
  • Esche: pop pup signature Sticky baits 16 mm pink hook size 6

Anecdote: NC

Place of take:

Common-RainbowLake-84 lbs

Name of fisherman: Nils Oetjen 

Origin of the fisherman: German

Type of carp: Common carp nicknamed ScarFace
Weight of carp: 39.7 Kgs (84 pounds and 8 ounces)

Date of take: December 9, 2016 at 11:50 am

Anecdote: Captured at swims 14

Superb video:

Common – Romania – 76 lbs

Name of fisherman: Cristi Olaru
Origin of fisherman: Romanian

Type of carp: Carp common nicknamed Dynamite
Weight of carp: 76 lbs 4 oz
Length of carp: NC

Date taken: week of April 23 to April 27

Materials, priming & esche used: Bouillons Dynamite Baits Complex-T / Source

Anecdote: Romania’s previous record is nearly 16 years old; Tim Paisley had captured a common carp of 34.5 kg (76 lbs) at Raduta Lake in 2001.

Place of take:

  • Country: Romania
  • Private lake – Monster Carp Located in Siclau in Romania



Found in the south-west of France in the Aveyron department, Cavagnac is the largest lake of its department. It bestows a utopian setting of 25 hectares (just over 6 acres) for lovers of nature and carp fishing. Just 20 km (12 miles) from Rodez airport, the lake creates the impression of exhaling the scent of centuries past.



Lake Cavagnac is typical of the Middle Ages when fish were cultivated to provide food for the poor. Since 2012, the new owner has dedicated himself to re-gilding the reputation of this magnificent lake.


Cavagnac – Lake

being 25 hectares (almost 6 acres) its perimeter is 3km 200metres (almost 2 miles), its deepest point is 3.5 metres (almost 4 yards). The shape of Lake Cavagnac is in 3 large bays with 2 smaller ones. It is 490 metres (536 yards) below sea-level. This difference is less evident at the east side but more so at the west, the deeper side of the lake and nearest to the road. The bottom is very sludgy here and there are many pockets of gravel and sand.



the largest Mirror Carp from Lake Cavagnac, nicknamed Single Scale, was caught in spring 2013, weighing in at 38.6 kg (85lbs 1.5oz). Cavagnac is home to 600 carp (inventoried) to date; 300 of them weigh 9-15kgs, 200 at 15-18kg (30-39.7lbs), 120 at 18-23kg (39.7-50.7lbs), 30 above 23kgs (+50.7lbs), 4 at 27kg (59.5lbs), 1 at 32.5kg (71.65lbs) and 1 at 38.6kg (just over 85lbs). there is also a stock of 150 White Carp, weighing up to 26kg (57.3lbs).


Catch Report Live – Cavagnac

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