Common – 88 lbs

Name of fisherman: David Aldana 
Origin of the fisherman: Spanish

Type of carp: Common carp

Weight of carp: 88 lbs
Length of carp: NC

November 2015

  • country: Spain
  • place: Mequinenza lake

Common-lake of Der-97lbs

Name of fisherman: Not indicated 
Origin of the fisherman: Dutch

Type of carp: Common carp

Weight of carp: 44 kilos –  97lbs
Length of carp: NC

Date of take: mid October 2015

Esche & priming used: NC

Anecdote: The lake of Der houses a magnificent Common carp known as Moby Dick . This common carp of 44 kilos was, until then, unknown!

Geolocalistation & satellite view of the lake:

  • country: la France
  • place: Lake of the Der-Chantecoq


Name of fisherman: Richard Destremont

Origin of the fisherman: French from Haute-Normandie

Type of carp: Carpe Mirror surnamed Fury

Weight of carp: 35.5 kg -79lbs


Date of capture: Captured in August 2015

Esche & priming used:

  • Priming: Squid & Cranberry with hemp
  • Esche: pop pup signature Sticky baits 16 mm pink hook size 6

Anecdote: NC

Place of take:

Common-RainbowLake-84 lbs

Name of fisherman: Nils Oetjen 

Origin of the fisherman: German

Type of carp: Common carp nicknamed ScarFace
Weight of carp: 39.7 Kgs (84 pounds and 8 ounces)

Date of take: December 9, 2016 at 11:50 am

Anecdote: Captured at swims 14

Superb video:

Common – Romania – 76 lbs

Name of fisherman: Cristi Olaru
Origin of fisherman: Romanian

Type of carp: Carp common nicknamed Dynamite
Weight of carp: 76 lbs 4 oz
Length of carp: NC

Date taken: week of April 23 to April 27

Materials, priming & esche used: Bouillons Dynamite Baits Complex-T / Source

Anecdote: Romania’s previous record is nearly 16 years old; Tim Paisley had captured a common carp of 34.5 kg (76 lbs) at Raduta Lake in 2001.

Place of take:

  • Country: Romania
  • Private lake – Monster Carp Located in Siclau in Romania